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"Helped me put my back into good working order again! We did stretching, blading, massaging, and a few other techniques during our working sessions. Really happy with the results!

David Tan

"Mike is so knowledgeable about the body and has sorted both my lower back and shoulders. My shoulder after a rotator cuff operation Would absolutely recommend his treatments 100%."

Bob Pearson

"Mike is amazing! Easily the best in Bangkok, don’t look anywhere else. I’ve been coming regularly, and it’s been transformational."

Jack Wolstencroft

Mike is really good.

He knows what he's doing. Will find your issue and fix it.

He's gentle which is also appreciated in this line of work.

He's helping me a lot to progress and improve over the years

Joe Ryan

Mike has been helping me fix scoliosis and shoulder issue for the past few months. I'm very happy with how things have gone so far. He seems to really know his stuff and I have seen clear improvement since I've been working with him.

Sylvain Liboutet

Mike is absolutely fantastic, and has helped me move better whilst giving me the tools to work on my own posture!

He’s got a brilliant demeanor and has helped enormously - thanks Mike!

Lynda Hills

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