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"Mike is really good. He knows what he's doing. Will find your issue and fix it. He's gentle which is also appreciated in this line of work. He's helping me a lot to progress and improve over the years"

Sylvain Liboutet

"Phenomenal! Mike is really good at assessing weak spots and working the entire chain. Removing scar tissue and helping pinpoint deficiencies in form, he incorporates the blade and many other techniques to help heal and get moving fast! Highly recommended."

Sunil Modi

"I have worked with Mike for the past five years. Without him, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. Feeling healthy and knowing how to prevent muscle pain are key to have an active life. Thank you!"

Bjorn Andersson

"I always come to see Mike whenever I have any problems with my muscles or pains and I always leave feeling so much better. He gives great advice and is so knowledgeable. 100% recommend."

Olivia Knox

"Mike is a great help for my posture, as a worker from home his services are well appreciated ! I highly recommend if you have any pain associated with posture or with muscular pain specially back and neck."

Maxime Desgarnier

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